Adding the Currency API on your site makes financing as easy as counting to four.

STEP1Press Currency Button
STEP2Capture Business Data
STEP3Submit, Accept, and Approve
STEP4Funds Wired

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We don’t just finance customers. We help attract them.

Less time equals more sales.

Because we can approve and fund a purchase quickly, you’re not spending hours dealing with mountains of paperwork.

More Lenders, More Buying

We search a wide network of lenders to find financing. This increases clients' buying power by an average of 350%. Good news for them. And for you.

Don't just make a sale, make a client.

Since financing with Currency is easy and convenient for your clients, they’ll come back. Again and again.

Get up and running immediately.

With our API, there’s no need to redesign your site. It’s seamless for you and your clients.

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Online, by phone, or through email.


Business owner with at least four transactions per month.


Technology that’s safe and crash proof.


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