Selling equipment takes hard work.
Financing it shouldn’t.

On the heels of the Great Recession, businesses around the country found themselves left behind. Commercial banks just weren’t lending, and when they were, the delays between application and funding were far too long.

So a group of financial experts, along with a few tech wizards, decided to take action. We engineered a technology that streamlined both approval and funding by getting a more complete financial picture at the beginning of the application process. The result was Currency, and since then we’ve helped support businesses with over $500 million in loans.

We helped businesses with over $100 million in funding last year.

Obviously, we’re not just talking creamer and paper clips.


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We’re the fastest-growing equipment financing firm on the West Coast.

And we’re just getting started. When Currency first began, there were four of us in the office. Today, we’re more than 100 people in four cities on the West Coast. We believe that fast, convenient and accessible financing is essential to a successful economy. And we’re here to provide it.

A day at Currency is a lot of things. Boring isn’t one of them.

Working at Currency is fast-paced, exciting, challenging, fun and about 50 other things. We count on hiring not just the best and brightest, but those with a real passion for helping businesses grow.

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